5 tips to cope with bad betting series

If you bet long enough, you’ve already experienced at least one bad series betting (if not, then you are very lucky people, which you wholeheartedly wish, however, this probability is very low). It does not because of how good the bookmaker you, simply because there will always be a time period within which it will spoil everything.

This is how they are able punters with these time periods deal, largely decides whether in the long run end up in profit or not. For everyone can handle a good series, but with a series of bad indeed, being the “breaking of bread.” And if the bad influence of steps to get ruined, you can not bet at all. It is easy.

1) Realize that bad series are inevitable

Absolutely essential factor in this case is reconciliation. You have to accept the fact that everyone’s punter from time to time she meets bad series. You are not the only ones who have, for example, for the last two weeks appalling results. Wrong series are simply part of betting.

You may not be a bad series frustrated. Frustrated punter is in fact mostly loss bookmaker. It is clear to us that a series of bad when you are not jumping for joy at the ceiling, but you should try to take the situation as it is and try to improve it.

2) Do not change the way you bet

Many bettors on a bad streak virtually instantly responds so they are trying to change your betting strategy, which is a mistake. If you have a solid and profitable long-term strategy, you do not need to make any adjustments to it. Things are finally rights themselves.

Changes in the method of betting, you should proceed only when you’re dealing with long-term problems. In this case, it is quite possible that you are doing something wrong. It will help lead betting records (ie work undertaken by each responsible punter).

Betting just works like everything – sometimes thrive and sometimes do not. It’s just to make you more successful than not.

3) Reduce the size of your bets

If you are using any bankroll managment (which you definitely should), you’ll find that due to bad series your total bankroll decreases, which means one thing – should reduce the size of your bets. Proper bankroll managment is absolutely essential building block for success. If your money will not be handled with care, sooner or later lose them.

If so that you will feel more confident, you can easily reduce the size of the bets more than you commanded your bankroll management. For example, bet half (or less) the usual amount is perfectly acceptable thing – it’s up to you and your psyche. Mainly it must not crumble.

4) Do not reduce the number of your bets

Many bettors also tends during bad betting series to reduce the number of betting opportunities on which betting. However, this approach does not give any advantage to gamblers. Significantly more effective step is to reduce the size of bets, which we discussed in the previous paragraph.

If you reduce the number of bets, usually discarding betting opportunities on which you would have earned, leaving you with just betting opportunities on which remakes. Remember that things do not go according to plan and as Murphy said – “What can go wrong, it goes wrong, too.”

Probably the same thing you find yourself in practice.

5) Feel free to give a day off

For some reason, the vast majority of bettors think they need to gamble every day … (either because it is available to as many betting opportunities or because of the fact that I still play their favorite teams and so forth). Realize that your life is more than just gambling. If you’re wrong in the middle of the series, is also almost certain that the mentally not very good, so you should treat yourself to a little rest. For example, take his girlfriend out to dinner and a movie. This way, you definitely will “recharge your batteries” and the next day so the world will look less black.

You must be betting on the wrong series ready and be aware that they are a part of betting. If you have any such series of hits, do everything possible to have given the series as little impact on your bankroll management.

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